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Welcome to WuHuu U!

At WuHuu U, grads don’t get a diploma or a ceremony where they get to wear funny hats. What they do get is a really cool ebook that details how to crawl out of the workplace shellhole and interject a little WOW into the office. You’ll learn all about goodwill, the magic of working together, and achieving your true potential. You might pick up a few new expletives along the way.

The WuHuu U Knowledge Center

Get your free university degree! Well, not really, but these amazing resources will help you to become the office know-it-all when it comes to motivating staff and playing nicely with others. So if your people typically come into work unmotivated and surly (in other words, lacking mojo), come check out what we have.

Stuck in a Shell Hole Book

Are you sitting in a meeting with bored, suicidal employees who pretend they like you and then shine those laser pointy thingies at your ass when you turn around? Consider reading this book to have a happy, cohesive team that will still indisputably point laser thingies at your ass, but will love you and actually want to be there