Why do companies do team builders, anyway?

No, seriously at WUHUU, we ask ourselves that every day – why team builders? We do that mainly because we’re in the business of spreading good vibes to offices everywhere and helping people to devise team building exercises.

Just the same, we know how people can grimace (and okay, sometimes even run screaming, or do other horrible things because they don’t want to participate in team building exercises).

The reason why businesses use team building exercises is simple, though – it’s because they work. They encourage collaboration, and they help people to connect. They get results.

They Work!

Here are eight ways in which team building exercises work.

1. They Improve Productivity
When you have people working together to solve issues, it improves morale. Better morale means improved productivity. Nuff said.

2. They Help People to Get to Know One Another
When people know each other, they tend to like each other. And when they like each other, they work better together.

3. They Improve Performance
Team building activities also improve performance, because they help people to better understand the strengths of their fellow workers. It helps them to solve workplace issues more easily and more cooperatively.

4. They Encourage Competition
Okay, competition but not cooperation? Why not? Competition, as long as it’s fun, can help employees to bond and work harder.

5. They’re Fun!
Team building activities help people to get to know one another better. People who participate in team building activities often end up having more fun together and liking one another more than if they were left to their own devices.

6. They Make People Feel Like Champions!
Any time a team gets a win, they feel like champs. Then, they feel even more like working together.

7. They Facilitate Communication
Any time there’s a problem in the workplace, it’s probably because people fail to communicate. People who participate in team building exercises communicate better.

8. They Encourage Imagination
People who work together are typically more imaginative. They think “What if…” and take that question to amazing conclusions!

Convinced? I thought so.

The Final Word

Team building activities should always work toward better communication. Any activity that works toward that goal is going to be worthwhile, no matter how silly it might sound in the beginning. Team building activities facilitate communication and collaboration, and they’re fun!

With a team building activity, you’re almost guaranteed to achieve something. Even if it’s just a bit of a break from work for your people, it’s good. So try a few team building activities. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Source: https://www.teambonding.com/reasons-for-team-building/