Team Builder Support 101

Hey there! Can you do me a favor and find a very creative “not boring” team builder activity for tomorrow’s meeting? Also, would you mind picking up the supplies today on your way home?

…Sound familiar?

Some managers are extremely creative but others will want to delegate their team building activities to YOU for two solid reasons:  1) They are way too busy and 2) most do not have desire or the creative flair to come up with their own. Most managers will also probably want assurance that it feels like it aligns to some real purpose, so they don’t have to see their employees roll their eyes again when the new activity is announced.

So if you happen to be either an office manager or administrator, you probably know that you are going to get delegated the task, and for some of you finding these creative types of employee engagement activities is most likely already imbedded into your daily responsibilities. The challenging part is that you most likely will have about 24 hours to find the latest and greatest team building idea. So what do you do? Well if you are like most, you’ll probably head directly to the internet and type in the words “creative team builder not boring”

Most likely, a few popular things are going to pop up after your internet search. Expensive team builders from professional companies for large corporate events, where destination trips and obstacle courses seem to be popular, and the famous spaghetti and marshmallow type of activities. Nothing wrong with spaghetti and marshmallows, but most of us have already tried building the tall leaning “oh shit it’s falling” tower, and we also have come to accept that elementary school kids are much better at it than we are.

So, this ends up leaving you with a few options when you can’t find anything good for your manager. You could go back to your manager and basically say “go find your own damn team builder, I’m out!” And by out, we mean you’re now out of a job! Or you could spend half a day to go expand your search further online. Which we all know you have tons of time to spend doing research on team builders.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, that’s where we come in!

This year, we decided to step up to the plate by launching our new Quarterly Team Builder Subscription Service!

How does it work? Simple! Every other month, we’ll deliver a box containing everything you need to host an over-the-top team building exercise with your team. Each box will come complete with all instructions, talking points, props, accessories, and anything else we think you’ll need to be an engagement superstar!

So if this sounds like something that interests you, then head on over to our Coming Soon page and sign up to receive updates around our launch. We may even provide some sneak peeks into how things are developing! ?